Why water bottles?

Did you know that people in first world countries are spending more money on bottled water than gasoline? It costs you $0.0015 per gallon to fill a glass of water from natural water sources such as your kitchen tap, but it costs you almost $10 per gallon to drink from bottled water. Not only that, only 1 in 5 plastic water bottles are recycled, which creates 3 billion pounds of waste sitting in landfills.

While a large portion of the world is desperately seeking clean drinkable water every day, we spend billions of dollars on our bottled water for convenience. Yet, did you know that 40% of the bottled water actually comes from the municipal water sources such as tap water, and are sometimes not required to be tested for contaminants? It’s time we cut our wallets and our health some slack!

I have noticed that I tend to drink more water if I end up packing my own water bottle because it is more accessible and refillable so I subconsciously grab the bottle and drink water at a higher frequency! I’m definitely a picky water drinker in that I get very sensitive to the different water “tastes”. Oh yes, internet, water tastes different depending on the container and the source so I end up trying out different bottles without realizing the collection I was slowly amassing!

I decided to start this blog on stylish ways to be green with your water consumption after I noticed how drawn I was to everything water bottle related! And I get tons of compliments everywhere I go with the different reusable water bottles I carry, which often lead to a conversation about the environment and how easy it is to contribute! I hope this blog will become a helpful source of inspiration for you to get on board with creative and different ways you can carry water with you without making serious dents in your wallet and this planet!

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